Fusion Process Model and Frameworks Working Group (FPMFWG)

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The FPMFWG was formalized as an ISIF working group in December 2010. The Charter of the ISIF FPMFWG is to promote discussion and consensus-development on the characterization and specification of a canonical fusion process, major fusion functions (e.g., situational estimation), and related software frameworks. It is fully realized that this is an ambitious Charter, especially in the sense of achieving consensus on such process and framework specifications; at a minimum it is proposed that the WG become the agent/mechanism for promotion of lively collegial discussion and archiving of alternative ideas and models, and serve to keep this topic in front of the community.

The collaboration within the WG will be achieved through regular meetings, participation in special sessions at conferences, and the analysis of process model and framework features, attributes, and qualities. The rules governing the activities of the WG are as follows:

  • Members may leave the group at any time, and new members may be added at any time subject to majority consent of the current members of the group. Visitors are allowed at FPMFWG meetings, at the discretion of the group.
  • The group will host a special session each year, as part of the ISIF International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION) or another conference of interest.
  • The working group chair will rotate among members on an Annual Basis and be decided by within-group nominations and majority vote. The tenure of the initial chair will begin upon formation of the WG and the annual WG calendar will be structured around the International Conference dates, i.e. Conference-to-Conference, so that the chair can take leadership of the annual Special Sessions.
  • The group will report on a yearly basis to the ISIF BoD, either by a short presentation at an ISIF BoD meeting, or by a short written document.
  • ISIF and the FPMFWG retain the right to sever their ties at any time.

It is expected at this time that the first ISIF Conference at which a Special Session on Fusion Process Models and Frameworks could be presented is the FUSION2012 Conference in Singapore.

For further information on the FPMFWG, interested parties may contact the current FPMFWG chair, Jim Llinas (llinas@buffalo.edu).