ISIF President’s Message (2016)

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Even if information is everywhere in our modern world and is more or less (easily) available thanks to information and communication technologies, the selection and the processing of multiple useful information sources to achieve a specific purpose or for making a difficult decision is a challenging task. Decisions are difficult mainly because the quantity of information is growing faster than ever, and because the sources of information are rarely fully reliable and noise-free, or possibly volontarily mistaken.

During past decades, important research efforts have been devoted (and still continue) to the development of data fusion techniques at lower levels to improve multi-sensor systems, mainly for defense and security applications (multiple target tracking and classification), with some transfer to civilian applications (robotics, medicine, transportation, etc.).

Since September 2001, information fusion challenges and priorities have changed of direction, and research efforts have turned towards higher levels of fusion problematics to take into account human activities and behaviors in modern information fusion systems. This is highly motivated by the necessity to protect infrastructures and populations against terrorist attacks. Classical (low level) information fusion techniques are unfortunately not effective to solve high level fusion problematics. So, we need to develop more advanced reasoning and information fusion techniques and technologies with the help of all researchers, engineers and academics working in this field.

The International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF) is the largest  international scientific community focused on the development and the promotion of the most advanced fusion approaches for theoretical and applied Information Fusion (IF) technologies. If you are interested in any aspects of information and data fusion (at lower or higher levels) you are in the right place and we encourage you to join ISIF and to attend our main annual international conference. This year it is being held in Heidelberg, Germany.  The annual Fusion Conference is a unique opportunity for you to meet and talk with international experts of the field,  research engineers as well as young scientists, and to present your IF problems or your new results, and to start fruitful collaborations. So, to stay tuned with the most recent IF advances, there is no better place than ISIF. You are also encouraged to join the ISIF working groups, to set up your own working group, to attend the other ISIF sponsored events (workshops, or more specific conferences), and to publish in the ISIF Journal of Advances in Information Fusion.

ISIF was founded in  1998 and has a bright future because of the past  and current efforts of all of our members and volunteers. Each of us makes the society better by attending and organizing conferences, participating in workshops and working groups, and submitting articles for publication.

Welcome to ISIF and I hope to see you at the International Fusion 2016 Conference in Heidelberg.

Jean Dezert
President, International Society of Information Fusion