Multistatic Tracking Working Group (MSTWG)

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The MSTWG was founded as an ad hoc working group in December 2004, with a three year charter. In July 2007, based on mutual agreement between the ISIF Board of Directors (BoD) and the current group membership, it was agreed to formalize the MSTWG as a working group under the auspices of ISIF. The objective of the MSTWG is to promote collaboration among its members in multisensor fusion and tracking, with a current focus on multistatic sonar and radar. This collaboration is achieved through regular meetings, participation in special sessions at conferences, and the analysis of common datasets.

The rules governing the activities of the group are as follows:

  • Members may leave the group at any time, and new members may be added at any time subject to unanimous consent of the current members of the group. Visitors are allowed at MSTWG meetings, at the discretion of the group.
  • The group will host a special session each year, as part of the ISIF International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION) or another conference of interest.
  • The working group chair will rotate among members. The tenure of the chair starts immediately following a working group meeting, and concludes with the following working group meeting.
  • The group will report on a yearly basis to the ISIF BoD, either by a short presentation at an ISIF BoD meeting, or by a short written document.
  • ISIF and the MSTWG retain the right to sever their ties at any time.

Past MSTWG meetings:

Date Location
April 2005 The Hague NLD (TNO)
September 2005 Wachtberg DEU (FGAN)
July 2006 Florence ITA
June 2007 Aberdeen GBR
February 2008 La Spezia ITA (NURC)
July 2008 Wachtberg DEU (FGAN)
January 2009 La Spezia ITA (NURC)
July 2009 Seattle USA (APL/UW)
January 2010 The Hague NLD (TNO)
July 2010 Edinburgh GBR
January 2011 Bremen DEU (ATLAS)
July 2011 Chicago USA
January 2012 London, GBR (ONRG)
July 2012 Singapore
July 2013 Istanbul

Past conference special sessions:

Date Location Conference
July 2006 Florence ITA FUSION 2006
June 2007 Aberdeen GBR OCEANS 2007
July 2008 Cologne DEU FUSION 2008
July 2009 Seattle USA FUSION 2009
July 2010 Edinburgh GBR FUSION 2010
July 2011 Chicago USA FUSION 2011
July 2012 Singapore FUSION 2012
July 2013 Istanbul FUSION 2013

For further information on the MSTWG, interested parties are encouraged to consult the proceedings of the past conference special sessions. Additionally, they may contact the current MSTWG chair, Garfield Mellema (