Tammy L. Blair Award

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The Tammy L. Blair Award is intended to encourage the involvement of young researchers and scientists in information fusion. It honors Tammy L. Blair’s commitment to ISIF. The Tammy L. Blair Award is given to recognize the best student papers at the annual International Conference on Information Fusion and includes cash prizes and travel grants. Awardees are often given a signed copy of a recently published book in the area of information fusion. The Jean-Pierre Le Cadre Award is managed by the organizing committee for the annual conference.  Past recipients of the Tammy L. Blair Award are summarized below.



Improvements in the Implementation of Log-Homotopy Based Particle Flow Filters

Muhammad Altamash Khan, Martin Ulmke

1st Runner Up

Secure and Resilient Distributed Machine Learning Under Adversarial Environments

Rui Zhang, Quanyan Zhu

2nd Runner Up

Crowdsourcing with Multi-Dimensional Trust

Xiangyang Liu, He He, John S. Baras



Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Random Finite Sets

Stephan Reuter, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo and Klaus Dietmayer

1st Runner Up

A New Probability Distribution for Simultaneous Representation of Uncertain Position and Orientation

Gilitschenski, Gerhard Kurz, Uwe Hanebeck and Simon J. Julier

2nd Runner Up

Sensor Control for Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter

Amirali Khodadadian Gostar, Reza Hoseinnezhad and Alireza Bab-Hadiashar Sensor Control for Multi-Object Tracking Using Labeled



Distributed Emitter Tracking using Random Exchange Diffusion Particle Filters

Stiven Dias, Marcelo Bruno

1st Runner Up

Recursive Estimation of Orientation Based on the Bingham Distribution 

Gerhard Kurz, Igor Gilitschenski, Simon Julier and Uwe D. Hanebeck

2nd Runner Up

High Level Information Fusion Through a Fuzzy Extension to Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

Keyvan Golestan, Fakhri Karray, and Mohamed S. Kame